Making "Home" -An Introductory Post

Welcome to Home Made: A blog that celebrates and seeks out exciting design, decor, fine art, DIYs, dreams, plans, and guides for that all important and highly personal project of Making a Home of our own. Home is an idea, a memory, a concept, and a future dream. When we find it or make it, it's everything we need to feel safe and comfortable, a haven from the world. When we work for it or seek it out, it can be a love affair and an epic journey; one in which the outcome is always transformative. Drawing on artists, crafters, artisans, photographers and creative people of all types and from many fields and disciplines; looking at professional designers and amateurs alike (as well as vintage collectors, sellers and retailers); and incorporating unique looks from around the world, Home Made will be part of an interesting conversation that we invite you to join. Thank you for stopping by, and please link and visit often!

This grouping is a great example of our current fascination with old wood (teak, midcentury modern) and that got us thinking about a very different time when wood and glass was the material used in so many decor elements and was so appealing for both their function and simple beauty. Etsy's Treasury feature serves as a personal wishlist, designer statement (via other's work or vintage shop finds), a nod to friends' work (but to me, it must be cohesive, well photographed and visually appealing or it goes), or sometimes a sly confession of personal purchases! This feature of Etsy encourages the designer in all of us to share our ideas and link to others around the world. LOVE.

This grouping includes some of the same themes but incorporates the editors' universal love and desire for all that is always called French Country or what we used to call Shabby Chic (see the "Victorian style bird cage"). As we have moved away from the all-over, overdone looks that scared away many men from agressively feminine bedrooms in the 90's and 2000's, this look has evolved into something sweet and elegant that can find harmony in any decorating scheme. This treasury celebrates the modern trend of mixing styles and periods. That's right- the indecisive and eclectic collectors among us, those who lean toward "junk shops" rather than "antique dealers", are having our moment! This treasury also features a favorite Etsy discovery: wonderful, affordable fine art! (We will feature more of our favorite fine artists in upcoming features.) Oh, and by affordable, we have a dozen pieces waiting to be framed and arranged and have never spent more than $30.00 per piece, and usually much less than that! The fine artists discovered are from many different countries and thanks to Etsy, one can see work that one would never find if limited to local, geographical marketplaces. This treasury features only a few with many more to follow in future posts. No matter how small your budget, a little original piece or print gives a room that something special that is an essential part of home making.

Home Made welcomes writing, editorial, photography, and personal collecting and decorating stories for feature on the blog, as well as site, book, art, media recommendations on related topics. Contact the editors at cocorococco@gmail.com

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