Spotlight Feature: My Little Home - Decor and Design for Children

Tara Sawchuk 

By David R.
Remembering the unique elements that made your childhood room unique is useful when decorating one of the most enjoyable spaces in the home: Bedrooms for children. With all the choices available today in good quality and stylish furniture and bed linens, it is easy to complete a unique and cherished room without falling into the Disney theme park look that is aggressively marketed to us. Of course, anyone with a preschooler in the home knows that these little tastemakers want those superhero characters at some point, so when that influence hits your home, take comfort in adding some non-branded, original and imaginative play pieces, wall art, and decor items. There is magic, whimsy, and adventure to be had in designing your original, artistic, and interesting room for a child. Of course, many of us will be drawn to these creations and buy them for our own inner child who now runs the show!

Initial Sign by Serinas Custom Shop
Felted Wool Bears by Muddy Feet

Illustration by The Black Apple 

Paperdolls meet plush in these vintage textile patterned dollies

Peas in a Pod Educational Toy by Honey Canada

Personal Art Canvas by Little House Monograms 

Art Print by Julianna Bright

Eves Little Earthlings
Jens Dream Decor

Madden the Monkey by Mousepants

Click. Follow, find, collect, buy, and favorite these treasures at Etsy:
1.Stained Glass Pieces Tara Sawchuk Stained Glass  2. Wooden Initial Sign Serinas Custom Shop
3. Circle Time: Fine Art PrintThe Black Apple 4. Vintage Style Fabric Dollies Periwinkle Jazz Upcycled and Vintage Dollies 5.Felted Peas in a Pod Toy Honey Canada Wool Creations  6. Felted Playmat, Red Fox Felted Wool Toy Eves Little Earthlings Toys  7.Multicolored Round Felt Rug (page 2)Craftasticparties 
8. Monogramed Canvas Wall Art Little House Monograms 9.With Linked Arms Art Print Julianna Bright  10. Madden the Felt Monkey Mousepants 11.Felted Wool Bear Family, Toadstool Wooden Bowling Set (page 2) Muddy Feet 12. French Memory Board Jens Dream Decor

Tara Sawchuk


Muddy Feet

Periwinkle Jazz

Craftastic Parties


  1. Wow, this is great, your choices are fabulous, especially love the little peas in a pod!

  2. So many cute things! I love the felted fox and playmat. And agreed, there's something fleetingly anonymous about all the generic cartoon characters, the items you've picked here are for treasuring beyond childhood.

    Oh, you might like the link on my blog to a fabulous blog post about a three year old's 'closet' bedroom - it shows you can create a truly original kid's room in even the tiniest space - very inspiring.

  3. Here's the link :)

  4. What a lovely collection... thank you for including my dolls! I really love the felt peapod counting set, it's so sweet!

  5. Little House Monograms posted this link on fb....love the blog ...so many cute things!

  6. What a wonderful collection of items! I see some of my favorite sellers here as well as some I'll definitely have to go check out! Thank you for including my bears and bowling set, I truly appreciate it! Your blog is lovely!

  7. What a great blog! I love all of the items you've put together in this section. I'll be checking these things out for my kid's rooms. Thank you so much for including our monogram package!

  8. So flattered to be included with this wonderful collection! Love your new blog and look forward to your future posts!

  9. What a lovely selection. Thanks for sharing.