The Modern Dining Room: There is One for Every Space, and Every Space Needs One

By Jacqueline H.
As anyone living in small/rented/apartment/condo/old house spaces knows, one of the most challenging projects to face, the eating area or dining "room", also offers the most satisfying rewards: it grounds the design and and can lend the room an feeling of both sophistication and coziness. Carving out a corner for at least four chairs and a small table also provides a functional area for all kinds of entertaining and a handy space for working on various projects at other times. Best of all, this project can work wonders to define your new mixed modern and highly individual palette on any budget. As seen by the many fine examples and inspirations of real small home dwellers on Apartment Therapy, while this area of the home can very challenging to plan and execute (incorporated as it must be alongside kitchen areas or smack dab in living rooms or even studio apartments), it adds so much to the essential feeling of home that it actually serves to create a feeling of extra square footage, a room of new possibilities. For rented or short term dwellings, this area brings a much needed familiarity and comfort. It's also a great place to add a hit of strong colour, showcase a personal collection, or feature a great architectural detail...or fudge one.
(720 sq ft California home, eclectic mix of designer, vintage, a very keen love of thrift)

(850 sq foot loft)


Kitchen Nook
Pedestal Table and Minimalist Chairs Save Actual and Visual Space
Living Room/Dining Room Open Concept

Everyone Should Have A Kitchen Nook Banquette Someday


  1. oooh, I love home decor too, I am a traditional lover at home but can certainly admire the mid-century modern look shown in those pics! Love your blog!

  2. I wish my kitchen looked like any one of those. Very nice!

  3. what great examples of space. i love that 720 sf california space!