Etsy Artists Feature: Reclaimed Textiles

Where do you go when you dream?

Image and design c. HELKATDESIGN

Where do you live? 

Image and design c. HELKATDESIGN

Where are you from?

Image and design c. HELKATDESIGN

By Margaret R.
A cushion is a cushion is a cushion. You resist and resist and resist the racks in the store. You don't need any. You can make that (lie). Until you open a little window online that takes you away to something so blindingly original, sweet and lovely that you MUST have it. You can't make this, you didn't dream it, and you never imagined whatever "Rustic Hessian" might be...you just know you love it and that this textural piece of art will most assuredly FIND, CLAIM a place in your original, ongoing vision of HOME. Even before you know that it is "Hand printed in Wiltshire; bespoke one off cushions with individual backs." It's obvious that  " these are more than cushions, they are little works of art." And this reminds you that Etsy artists like HELKATDESIGN are what makes the wonderfully unexpected possible as you create your personal vision of home. I eagerly await mine with the anticipation that special pieces like these will fit right in, and become treasured elements of my home. 

Visit HELKATDESIGN's shop on Etsy for a wonderful selection of bespoke Hessian and rustic cushions. 
View/purchase these specific designs at the following links: 1. Handprinted Union Jack, 2. Handprinted Dove Grey Canadian Flag, 3. Handprinted Red Fox


  1. Oh, I've seen this one before - absolutely LOVE this cushion! Helkat Design were featured in the last issue of Country Living magazine in the UK (reading that article was the reason I opened my very own Etsy shop!). I totally have my eye on this one though - want!