Fine Art Painter Edward del Rosario: A Reverently Absurdist Dream World

Untitled 2 2005. Oil on Linen
Feature by David R.
One of the focuses of this blog is to seek out and highlight fine artists of today/tomorrow who inspire and who may form our tentative young collections. One of my absolutely adored favorites is Edward del Rosario, who I came across in an art magazine (Corduroy). Having no decorating budget, and falling in love with the strongly pigmented surreal colours and at-a-glance-you-will-miss-it dark undertones, these magazine prints are as cherished as originals and form the anchor of my small home art collection. While I won't wear fake Chanel, fake pearls or diamonds (and so suffer as they are beyond my means), I will adorn my walls with framed magazine pictures if I please! For the faint of heart who won't go as far as framing, these sorts of magazine tear sheets can also be a great addition to your own inspiration board/ideas/design board. Believe me, all the great designers actively collect inspiration  in this way...

Truly this work is most effective if it is seen rather than talked about so I will get right to it:

Tributaries I 2007. Oil on Linen on Board

Precipice 1 2007. Oil on Linen on Board

Photos and Artist Representation: The Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica California

Comedias III, 2009. (Photo: Art Net)

The figures in these works are youthful, sketchy and appealing. They have an inviting storybook illustration quality that is reminiscent of mid century illustration styles, and the clothing and colour choices are familiar but not fixed in an era. The subjects deal with identity politics, power, loneliness and love, and yet there is a strong undercurrent of wit that gives del Rosario's work a warmth and a playful joy. Everything about this artist's point of view seems perfect for the world we are living in now, one where we can't escape the past and are always in need of nostalgic references even as childhood innocence fades away.

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