When Home is Uneasy, Music Helps: The Upstairs Room

Editorial Feature by Jacqueline H.

Long time musical loves clash and live on via fashion and deeply personal home furnishings. "The Upstairs Room" lyrics c. The Cure.

Featured in this spread (clockwise)(click to link to artist shop): 1. Robert Smith Pop Art (my own design), 2. (Gold) Alya acrylic on canvas by Tinca Design 3. Footed Chrome and Bakelite Trays: The Vintage Apartment 4. The Killers "K" marquee sign 5. Vintage 80's Betsy Johnson Yellow Houndstooth Coat: Past Poisons 6.Vintage School Speakers: Austin Modern 7. Limited Edition Ostrich Capelet by Liason by Kat Swank 8. The Smiths The Peel Sessions Dress: Rock on the World 9. Handmade Vinyl Stack Clock featuring New Order, Cure, Smiths: Blue Order 10. Nashville Cushions: West Egg Studio Silver Technics Turntable Art: Blue Order 11. Mission Style Pulls: The Door Stop 12. Cream Gears Fascinator: Cutie Dynamite


  1. What a great post! I am a life long music and especially Cure fan. So this post speaks to me more than the average bear. These are fantastic artists and shop that deserve the praise you've provided! Now I'm on my way to shop! Thank you so much for the feature!

  2. Fabulous! Thanks so much. xXx, Kat Swank

  3. Oh My - I'm in love with this Blog! It's always fun to find new blogs that feature indie artists, designers and sources, with an eye on truly fab design!
    Thank you for including us -
    Austin Modern